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(How To) Plant Peace – PLANT FLOWERS AND TREES. Homage to Joseph Beuys. Two art flights over Kassel and surroundings, Sept. 21, 2022 (UN International Day of Peace) and Sept. 22, 2022, last week of the documenta fifteen. Above: flight over the two Beuys trees in front of the Fridericianum. Pilot: Heiner Bredhorst. Photo: Michael Klant. Patronage: Foundation 7000 Oaks, Volker Schäfer, Kassel. Promotion: formixx Kulturmanagement, Hans J. Schwarzer, Freiburg.


flight into clouds 835



grey banner before clouds 835

With the light coming from behind, the banner changes hue from white to grey.


flight into sun


 diagonal flight from below 835


banner close up 835



flight over Herkules 835

Flight over Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe towards Hercules Statue


(How To) Plant Peace  1-minute video compilation



bannerwork at airfield Wolfhagen 835

Banner setup at Airfield Wolfhagen near Kassel. Michael Klant, Arnd Mäder, Heiner Bredhorst, Irene Vollmer


Inspiration 835

Sources of inspiration. 7000 oaks project, Joseph Beuys, Petra Kelly (from insta @michaelklant)


people 835

People behind the artflight: Volker Schäfer, Michael Klant, Hans J. Schwarzer, Heiner Bredhorst (from insta @michaelklant)


press Frizz thumb   frizz – Das Magazin für Kassel und Umgebung Sept. 2022


press HNA thumb   HNA 24-09-2022



logos 835 255

Logos. UN International Day of Peace  ׀  Foundation 7000 Oaks  ׀  formixx Kulturmanagement  ׀  qr code for press downloads

The work was carried out climate-neutrally.


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